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Our interactive on-location workshops are cleverly designed to both challenge the ways your group or organization addresses social change and provide a comfortable, open environment to support this challenge.

HTL Champions workshops are available for children and adults. Parent groups, non-profits organizations, public and private schools, and more are all invited to host an HTL Champions workshop. Every workshop is original to us and also customized for the needs of your organizations.

We offer four types of workshops. Each specially designed to provoke thought, build ideas, and ultimately conclude with answers and actions toward being champions for change.

Learn more about each of our four workshops below.


Fun Fact: HTL stands for Hold the Line (which is also the name of our digital magazine which you can find here). Hold the Line means we stand for justice and stand in the way of injustice, whenever possible. 


At HTL, we think champions for change should also be well-versed in inclusivity.

In this idea-shifting workshop, we’ll help you discover:

  • The difference between diversity and inclusivity
  • How diversity is a valuable goal and inclusivity will help you attain it
  • Ways your organization can effectively promote inclusive ideas
  • Helpful, not harmful, ways to center your new inclusive narrative


What’s the difference and why should you care? Equity and equality and both important but not interchangeable ideas.


In this thoughtful workshop, we’ll help you: 

  • Understand the differences and how they impact systemic problems in the US
  • Exchange ideas for looking past equality and into equity as an organizational goal
  • Name clear-cut ways to champion equity


What is a champion of change? We believe champions of change are informed, empathetic, and actively fighting against injustice.


In this hands-on workshop, we’ll work on: 

  • Identifying areas in which you are already a champion of change
  • Expanding on in what fields you’d like to maximize your input
  • Building confidence in your ability to be a changemaker
  • Outlining tangible next steps