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Write for HTL

Write for Us!

Work you submit should be original and unpublished (unless otherwise noted).

Submissions now open. Issue No. 4 – How to…

How do we take our intent to act and turn it into real action? How do we make tangible strides toward equity and social change? How can YOU encourage your children to do the same?

How? How? How?

We know that we want to be champions of change but do we know how to go about doing it?

The fourth edition of Hold the Line magazine will feature essays, articles, and short tutorials on the real ways we can ensure our priorities are what we say they are. There are special guidelines to submissions for this issue, including acceptance of shorter submissions and previously published pieces. The goal of this issue is to inspire action and these ideas can come in many forms. Please reach out to Bellamy at bellamy@htlmagazine.com with your “How to…” idea if you are thinking of writing an original piece.

As of December 12, 2018 – Submission for issue 4 are due ASAP. 🙂 This post will be removed when the issue is filled. Thanks!

Don’t Forget!

All of our features aim to be solution-based. Through telling your story, readers should be able to gain unique insights and motivation to become a part of the solution. HTL is not the place for snark or venting without an end goal.

Hold the Line Magazine includes some light-hearted content, too. We welcome submissions telling us about small businesses to support, mental health practices, and other pieces that can help bring levity to each issue.  Plus, writing or drawings from kids of all ages would be welcomed!

We are seeking writers who are passionate about social justice as it intersects with the challenges of parenthood. Our quarterly magazine features practical tactics, hard-learned lessons, and personal experiences with the goal of inspiring parents of all races to strive toward a more unified future.

Editorial Goals

In 2018, we’ll cover the parenting and LGBTQ concerns, food insecurity, ways to teach children about consent, gender norms, and additional topics will be addressed as they arise. Your interpretation of these topics is valued and we are open to various styles and angles of coverage.

We are always looking for personal essays or well-researched articles on the topics of racial justice and cultural as related to parenting.

Ongoing topics to consider:

  • How to have productive conversations about race with other parents
  • Approaching racial differences in a school setting
  • What I want my white friends to know about the challenges of raising black children
  • Multicultural book reviews for both parents and children
  • Materials (toys, books, games) that encourage young children to embrace differences
  • Personal experiences when you have felt race impact your parenting.
  • What activism looks like behind the scenes
  • Representation of underrepresented cultures in mainstream media
  • Teaching and operating from a place of inclusion

We welcome both completed pieces and thorough pitches. Though we prefer pitches come with writing samples.

Please expect to work closely with the editor to get your piece ready for publication.

Email your submission to submissions@htlmagazine.com.

Please do not submit any pieces – poetry, short stories, or otherwise:

  • Without reading this first.
  • That do not fall under the umbrella of PARENTHOOD & SOCIAL JUSTICE. These submissions will not receive a reply.
  • That are longer than 1,800 words.
  • That vent or tell a story without the purpose of encouraging parents to further their exploration of social justice.

Payment Scale (read closely, some things have changed):

It is my priority to pay writers for their work and after nearly a year of doing so I have decided to adjust the rates and payment timeline to continue keeping that promise.

For the How to issue, submissions as short as a single paragraph are welcome and wanted. Very short submissions can come from anyone, you don’t have to be a writer, and I will work with you to make sure your submission is well-represented, if published.

  • Super short pieces under 600 words – $10 (coffee, anyone?)
  • Shorter pieces, listicles, or book reviews up to 600 –  900 words – $35

We find that pieces between 900 – 1100 words are harder to place. We welcome your submission of this length but reserve the right to cut or ask you to add as needed. – But, please don’t try to stretch your piece to 1100 words if it’s not meant to be!

  • Longer pieces, 1100 – 1400 words – $75
  • Photos – $15 each
  • Poetry – $20 per piece

Communication & Timeline

If your piece follows the qualifications above, you will hear back even if your submission is not accepted. If you don’t hear back within 4 weeks, please feel free to inquire about the status of your piece. We welcome multiple submissions as well as simultaneous submissions. Please send a quick line letting us know if your piece has been accepted by another publication. NOTE: Payment schedule has changed. If your work is accepted by Hold the Line, you will be paid within 45 days after the corresponding issue’s release date. 

Please email your submission or query to submissions@htlmagazine.com.

Thank you!