When I was developing and designing the first issue of Hold the Line, I found myself with an unusual task. How would I present heavy, challenging topics in a way that’s both beautiful and respectful? My vision of the When We Gather Retreat is the same, we’ll have tough, honest conversations—we might even shed some tears or find ourselves wrestling with our own social justice shortcomings. We will be encouraged to dig deep to determine problems and deeper to come up with solutions. At times, our minds will feel heavy and challenged but in an environment that’s beautiful and respectful. We’ll balance this heart-heavy work with creative workshops, camaraderie at mealtime, memorable nights by the fire, and, of course, the ever-giving peaceful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. – Bellamy Shoffner (Founder, Hold the Line)

Please note, we have changed the retreat dates and it will now be an overnight Saturday, June 23rd. Any contradicting information is invalid but we’re working on updating this page. More up-to-date information is on the retreat registration page. We look forward to planning a longer retreat in the future. Thank you for understanding!

Retreat FAQ

Every attendee of the retreat should come with an open mind and positive intention. Kindness is at the heart of all that we do and this time to gather will follow suit. Look forward to meaningful conversations, collaborating on the planning of big ideas, and a uniquely sweet Saturday night dinner cooking and dreaming together.

Restorative work is imperative for social justice advocates. We plan and organize and forget that to reach our goals we have to keep ourselves uplifted. Caring for yourself is the first step and our innovative retreat model pairs meditation, yoga, and energy sessions with intense work of exploring social justice.

The Akasha Retreat Center is a  cozy, rustic treasure nestled in the mountains of Central Virginia. You’ll especially love the welcoming common room, the serenity of the chapel, and summer nights around the fire pit. The picturesque view and the fresh mountain air bring a sense of peace to visitors at Akasha. Each room has two beds, so everyone will have a roommate.

So, what’s the cost?

$135 to stay overnight on Saturday, $95 to attend for the day.

Why the application?

Space is limited at the retreat. We want to find balance within our group of gatherers- folks from different walks of life, those who can afford to in full and those who can’t, those who are already doing social justice work, those who want to do more, etc. Our application process is not a judgment or reflection of how much we value all who apply, and it’s likely that with enough applications, we can explore having a second retreat this calendar year. We genuinely want to gather and grow with you ALL but space is at a premium.


Thank you for your application! If you have any special concerns, please send a separate email to connect@htlmagazine.com.