When We Gather is a direct call for creating rich, colorful spaces for families to gather.

The goal of When We Gather is to create a meaningful connection with other families who are passionate about social change. Together, with gatherings once or twice a month, we can be present in our appreciation for diversity.

This page is a work in progress (updated 1.16.18) Thank you for your patience!

Send your suggestions for When We Gather to connect@htlmagazine.com.

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Monthly Themes
Suggested Guidelines
Kids Activity Ideas + Printables

New Outlooks for the New Year

Gather your group this month with the intention of setting focus for the new year. If your group lacks diversity, set the intention to make a plan to change that. Take an informal assessment of everyone’s hopes for the year ahead. We also suggest setting a goal for a community service project now or later in the year.
Love is Love is Love is Love…
Set a goal this month to discuss the vast variety of family make-ups. We’ll update our suggestions soon.