Fundraiser Printable Notecards


  • 9 pages of 4-to-a-page notecards
  • 13 printable notecards with graphics only (size 5×7 but can be adjusted as you need)
  • 1 sheet of printable gift tags
  • Gratitude

Designs are intentionally funky- representing the chaos and colorful nature of this stage of life. We hope you’ll use them and share the rad. A couple of the cards were designed by my sons- you’ll know them when you see them!

Please order the number of sets that equal the amount you’d like to give. For instance, if you’d like to give $30, put 3 sets of notecards in your cart. 


*Note this is not an HTL fundraiser – this is a family fundraiser. Also, note HTL is not a non-profit.