The Hate U Give Theater Takeover

The Hate U Give Theater Takeover

The Hate U Give? Tell me more.

The Hate U Give is an exceptional book, by Angie Thomas, turned feature film that will be releasing in theaters this month (October 2018). Our plan is to buy out a theater at Regal Stonefield Stadium as we can and we need your help! We are hosting a theater buyout of THUG on Friday, October 12, 2018. We’ll invite teens, their families, and other community members falling in line with our belief that social justice is relevant to and vital for all.

Who will you invite? 

We will invite select teens and influential community advocates who may not otherwise be able to see the movie. 

This event is about the community. While we plan to fill the theater with underserved teens and young adults, we also want to recognize the importance of providing those teens with the proper support. This not only means having mental health professionals on hand to help us all navigate the sensitive subject matter of the movie, but also that we as adult community members need to show up and let the youth know we are present, listening, and actively engaging in anti-racist activism in our community. Furthermore, many of our local activists and advocates may also find themselves unable to afford the luxury of a movie ticket. We want to show our support and gratitude for the work they do by inviting them to attend this screening free of charge. 

CLICK HERE TO DONATE (and purchase a ticket to attend)

What’s Hold the Line? 

Hold the Line (HTL) is an internationally-reaching digital magazine for parents and educators who are champions for change. HTL started because as the mom of two Black boys, I found myself in perpetual grief over police violence and the killing of unarmed Black people. You can learn more about HTL here and read more about my personal beliefs surrounding THUG here.

In addition to the magazine, we also host the Charlottesville-based Coffee + Egg Drive benefiting The Haven, as well as host a number of free community events for families. 


You can also use the link above to purchase a ticket to attend. Please note the number of attendees with your party when you purchase.


We’ll post often about how the fundraising is going, including a chart of the current donation totals. We’ll also post before the event. Need more? Contact Bellamy at