Why Hold the Line?

When I sat down with my first interviewee to discuss the events of August 12, here in Charlottesville, I was struck by her account. She talked about how the clergy banded together and stood strong against men in militia gear, their self-claimed army. She told me that counter-protestors remained peaceful but fierce, committed to their cause, holding the line for justice.

As I moved through the day, completing interviews, that phrase stuck with me. “They held the line,” she’d said. They held the line. Imagery as powerful as the action of holding the line comes to mind when I think of these words.

We would guard against any threat foolish enough to stand between our children and their safety. We would link arms with allies to prevent another Nazi from stepping foot on the ground where our children walk. We would hold hands or raise fists and plant feet firm on the side of love so that hate can never win.

We would keep the line steady and use our bodies as armor to shield our children from prejudice and evil.

We would.

We would Hold the Line.

How often will you release new issues?

Hold the Line is a quarterly publication, but keep an eye out for special releases and downloads.

Is it a blog? Is it free?

No, sorry. Hold the Line is a paid publication we offer the Solidarity Collection and additional content via patreon.com/bellamy. We promise to provide solid content that will enrich your family’s life and enable you to better approach social justice issues.

Charging for the magazine also allows us to pay writers, and offer them bonuses. Refusing to give away our content in a blog makes it possible to provide a barrier of protection for writers who are telling personal stories of sensitive subject matter. Plus, this allows us to be prepared to produce future issues and continue to increase the amount we are able to pay writers and artists for their content.

10% of our profits will be donated to organizations featured in the magazine, so we all get the pleasure of supporting causes we love.

Is HTL only for people of color? 

Nope. Hold the Line has a mission of reaching out and learning from a diverse group of people. We make no assumptions as to who has a story to tell that will resonate with our readers or who will best benefit from reading our magazine.

Will there be hard copies?

Yes! One day. Visit www.patreon.com/bellamy to get one!

What happened to the single issues?

Single issues have been discontinued on our site, however, you can get the full Solidarity set of four issues here. Or join our patreon.com/bellamy for single issue access.