where parenthood + social justice collide

Our April issue (March release date) with an LGBTQ-focus – Submissions are open

For the inaugural issue of Hold the Line, an international collective of more than two dozen writers and artists, representing diverse backgrounds, contributed articles, essays, and poetry. Bringing with them sensitive topics normally held within the confines of close social circles. Complicated subjects like the dangers of ignoring race and the unique challenges of raising children of color are brought out into the open in hopes of creating tangible change in the way families interact with each other. These honest essays and solution-based articles are partnered with quality design and vibrant images.

Future issues of Hold the Line will have the same commitment to truthful storytelling, actionable steps you can take to be a champion for equity and inclusivity, and even fun activities you can do with your kids to support social change. Plus, our Facebook group keeps the new ideas and conversations flowing between issue releases.

It’s important to note, that while the first issue of our magazine is specifically focused on experiences with race and culture, forthcoming issues will branch out into different areas of social justice. You can look forward to issues that explore parenting at the intersection of LGBTQ rights, gender equality and defiance of norms, food equity, educational equality, and so much more. As we move forward, we will always hold space for conversations about race and culture.

Hold the Line, available by the issue or by purchasing the annual collection (currently listed as a subscription) for its quarterly content, is a valuable resource for ways to handle uncomfortable situations regarding race, autobiographical accounts that challenge harmful prejudices, and even step-by-step plans to start multicultural community groups.