We’re collecting donations of coffee, eggs, and any of the items listed below for The Haven!


Eggs Donated


Cups of Coffee

The Haven needs about 56 dozen eggs per week and 70 lbs. of coffee. As a community, Charlottesville can easily achieve this goal.

We’re proud to say that our donations to The Haven average out to about 1,000 eggs per month. In the coming months, we’d like to encourage supporters new and old to consider how we can creatively evolve this community work.

Some suggestions:

These items are also listed on their site. You can add one or two to the coffee and eggs you bring! 

For the Day Shelter
Extras for our Guests
Laundry detergent Portable phone chargers
SOCKS! backpacks
Razors hairbrushes and combs
TOWELS and washcloths hair caps/do-rags/skull caps
Deodorant water bottles or thermoses
Plain undershirts, men’s and women’s wet wipes/baby wipes
Men’s and Women’s underwear reading glasses
Toilet Paper gift cards
Copy Paper, stamps, masking tape


Yes, I’d like to Donate! Visit the Sign-up sheet and pick a day or two or three. 🙂