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Hold the Line is a curated collection of words and artistry that challenge misconceptions of representation and equality. If you are considering covering Hold the Line, the information below will help. Please feel free to email for additional information or to schedule an interview.


New Digital Magazine Offers Parents Socially Conscious Support and an Outlet for Activism

Hold the Line Magazine: Where Parenthood + Social Justice Collide by Bellamy Shoffner, et al.


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., December 13, 2017 | For the debut issue of Hold the Line, a digital magazine, one Charlottesville mom gathered a tribe of writers to take on hard-hitting conversations at the intersection of social justice and parenthood.


“Inequality and divisiveness are so ingrained in our society that often, even as we are professing our liberal beliefs and making posts against injustices, our daily lives are clear examples of perpetuating racism and prejudice,” Editor, Bellamy Shoffner, says about the motivation behind Hold the Line. “As parents, we have this precious opportunity to educate ourselves and share progressive knowledge with our children so they can grow up and change the world head-on.”


An international collective of more than two dozen writers and artists, representing diverse backgrounds, contributed to the inaugural issue of Hold the Line. Bringing with them sensitive topics normally held within the confines of close social circles. Complicated subjects like the dangers of ignoring race and the unique challenges of raising children of color are brought out into the open in hopes of creating tangible change in the way families interact with each other. These honest essays and solution-based articles are partnered with quality design and vibrant images.


Hold the Line, available by the issue or with an annual subscription for its quarterly content, is a valuable resource for ways to handle uncomfortable situations regarding race, autobiographical accounts that challenge harmful prejudices, and even step-by-step plans to start multicultural community groups.


“In a world filled with empty rhetoric, our children don’t need to words without action from us.” says Shoffner, “They need parents who embody the beliefs we claim to hold dear.”


“Together, we will learn how to parent children who will become tomorrow’s champions of change.”


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