The Gratitude Post for No. 1

The Gratitude List

I would like to thank everyone who helped make Hold the Line’s first issue possible:

Selena Wolf Berkley

Kristina Weaver

Cecilia Caballero (of Chicana M(other)work)

Jade Chiu (Jade Chiu Photography)

Jessica Chong

Kearie Daniel (Woke Mommy Chatter)

Virginia Duan (Mandarin Mama)

Naomi Raquel Enright

Charlene Holkenbrink Monk

Antonia Montoya (Our Gratitude Collective)

Janaya Pickett

Dusti Power

Annie Reneau (Motherhood and More)

Eun-ji Rogers

Graeme Seabrook (Postpartum Mumma)

Rachel Zaslow (Mother Health International)

Marisa Adame

Uche Ogbuji (Site)

Bree Davis (Norang Photography)

Zoe Krylova

Rebecca Reilly

Samantha Peacoe

Saman Dashti

Baggio Ardon (Baggio Ardon Design)

Naomi C. Robinson (Nyha Graphics)

Cristina Caceido (modernTOTshoppe)

Our Facebook group members who offered support, quotes, and motivation.

All of the editors who I worked with as a freelance writer, who helped me better understand the art of revisions.

A few of my friends who were sounding boards and motivators throughout the process, Kim Lohan, Nicole Santoro, and others I am likely forgetting (including some who are already named above).

And, of course, my family who (sometimes unwillingly) gave me time to work on this endeavor.

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