How Do You Do Self-Care?

In Hold the Line, you’ll find Self-Care Breaks because a key part of advocating for change is being well enough to do so. We asked our Facebook group members for their favorite self-care practices–––here’s what they had to say:

“You mean, besides primordial screaming? How ’bout walks with friends?” – RZ

“Dry brushing is one of my favorite things too!” – YS

Photo by Carolinie Cavalli on Unsplash

“My camera at sunset.” – BD      


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“Reiki, massage, aromatherapy, naps/sleep-ins, asking for help!” – AA


Daily gratitude practice! Meditation, journaling, earthing aka standing barefoot outside.” – AM

(Photo Credit: CreateHERstock)

Painting, deep tissue massage, wrapping up in a soft blanket under a fan, wine with friends.” – DD


“Naps on a blanket outside in the sunshine.” – KN


Not unusual or creative, but walks in the woods with my dog. I have a favorite rock that I like to sit on and listen to the sounds of the forest. Also, my writing nights, where I take the evening off from domestic duties and go hole up in a cafe with my computer to hopefully work on writing! Oh, a few other things. Yoga. Hula hooping. And going out to dance and/or hear live music.” – ZK

Photo by OSCAR AGUILAR on Unsplash

“Needle felting…otherwise known as getting out my frustrations by repeatedly and vigorously stabbing defenseless wool.” – KS



“Self-care became a part of my life when I had space to let it in, and not a minute sooner. If you don’t have the time or resources, or even the inclination to commit to a self-care practice, I understand. I hear you. I know what it’s like to be stretched too thin, without enough time or money to go around. I know what it’s like to be more goal-focused than self-focused, or to forfeit an hour of alone time to spend precious moments with my kids.”

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