Mamalode IG Takeover

The nice moms over at Mamalode gave me the pleasure of doing a little Instagram Takeover this week.
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The aftermath of the late nap, a cranky kiddo who only wants muffins for dinner. I love that he’s still small enough to snuggle so close, even if I am working on paper graphics when he asks for those snuggles. Soon, we’ll get ready for bedtime with some of our favorite books that feature diverse characters that defy gender norms. Good bedtime reading. 😊 The kids’ day will soon be done. But, after a long day of cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, self-caring (including having coffee with a @harastudio, highlight of my week), and writing, there’s still more to come for me. Making a magazine is hard work! I will be up for a few hours editing, talking with writers, and working on layout. It’s incredible to see this labor of love come together and I’m so thankful for the ability to split my day between lots of people (and things) I love. #dayinthelifeofmamalode @weholdtheline @penguinkids @abramskids

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