Where Parenthood + Social Justice Collide

Dear Parents

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When parents take a stand, we set an example for the next generation.



Parents have both the privilege and the burden of raising children who are champions for change. We can learn together and modify our daily actions to create a more inclusive and safe space for all families. Hold the Line aims to bridge the gap between parents who are interested in activism and those who have mastered the art of standing up for social justice. In a supportive environment, we will all work together to raise a generation that rejects racism and embraces all forms of diversity.

Writers and content creators from all over the U.S. and abroad are coming together to share their stories in Hold the Line. In each issue of our digital magazine, you’ll find pages filled with rich content. Vibrant colors, emotional essays, and concrete ways to support social change and truly embrace diversity make Hold the Line unique.

It is my pleasure to produce Hold the Line – independent media for families who support people of color and LGBTQ+ and defying gender norms, mental health stigma, and the abhorrent intended uprising of white supremacy.

Our first issue will be available for purchase via issuu.com in late November/Early December 2017. Join our mailing list or become a Patron to be notified of the launch.

Peace, Love, + Light,



Interested in sharing your opinions in the magazine?

Email us at connect@htlmagazine.com.


In the Next Issue

In the Next Issue

The debut issue of HTL is almost here! I am excited to tell you that we have writers and contributors from all across the country! Here is a sneak preview of what you’ll find in the first issue:

  • Never before seen essays from talented writers
  • Reading recommendations- for children and adults
  • Updates on the Charlottesville activists and community
  • Personal accounts of racism and parenthood
  • Ways to have conversations about race with children of all ages
  • Diverse POC-owned businesses to support, with insight from the entrepreneurs themselves
  • Actionable steps you can take to make change
  • and so much more!

Hold the Line Magazine is an independent publication relying on grassroots support to bring quality unfiltered content. We hope to keep each issue ad-free, so our readers receive the best possible experience.