Hold the Line has a commitment to truthful storytelling, actionable steps caregivers can take to be champions for equity and inclusivity, and even fun activities you can do with kids to support social change. Hold the Line has a mission of reaching out and learning from a diverse group of people. We make no assumptions as to who has a story to tell that will resonate with our readers or who will best benefit from reading our magazine, but we do consider ourselves to land at the intersection of parenthood and social justice.


Hold the Line is digital, but not a blog, you can purchase a copy using the shop page here on our site. You can also purchase the 2018 Collection of which you will get two issues immediately and the next two independently as they are produced.


Inside HTL, you will find a number of thoughtful essays, testimonials of trying times, and informative articles that will help you increase your awareness and compassion for those around you. In turn, we hope that you’ll also continue working toward encouraging the children in your life to treat themselves and others with kindness and understanding. We are each following our own journey and while yours may not look like mine (and you may not look like me) we are capable of respecting each other’s place in this world.

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